A Convenient Service: A Dentist Open on Saturday

dentist open on saturday

Do you need a dentist open on Saturday? You aren’t alone. Many people find it hard to see their dentist as often as they should due to their work schedule with the dental clinic’s hours usually being the same as working hours. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also compromise the health of your smile. That’s because regular cleanings and checkups can reduce your risk of dental problems and the health problems associated with them. That’s why finding a dentist who can see you on the weekends is so handy. Here’s what you should know.

Where to Look

dentist open on saturday

If you already have a dentist, you can certainly give them a call and see if they see patients on the weekends. This is more likely if you are seen at a dental chain, but many clinics are now extending their hours to Saturdays to accommodate the growing demand of their patients. If you just can’t make an appointment during the week, talk to your dentist about whether they might open for you on a Saturday.

Dental Emergency

Even if you’re having a dental emergency, some dentists simply aren’t open on the weekends, though many are on call and can fit you in if it’s a true emergency. For that reason, be sure you understand the fee structure of your visit. If you request a Saturday appointment, you may be billed for an emergency visit, which may affect your out of pocket cost and what is covered by insurance. When you ask for a weekend appointment, be sure you are clear about what you need so that you’re both on the same page.

Treatments Offered

For most people, a trip to the dentist on a Saturday is due to an emergency, though clinics who cater to weekend patients may offer a wide range of other treatment options to suit your needs. That includes cleanings, x-rays, filling cavities, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, root canals, dentures, implants, extractions and orthodontic services. When you book a Saturday appointment, be sure you are clear about what you need done so that your dentist can be prepared.

Benefits of a Saturday Appointment

The most obvious benefit of a Saturday appointment is that you can be seen by your dentist on a regular schedule, even if you have a job and are busy during the week. You may notice that your appointment isn’t as rushed and that you have more freedom to choose a time slot, since most people are seen during normal office hours. It’s also great to have a dentist open on Saturdays just in case you have a dental issue that needs immediate attention. Be sure the one you choose accepts your insurance and understands your medical needs.

If you have a hard time making it to the dentist during the week, a dentist open on Saturday is the obvious solution. Just be sure you choose one that has the right certification, experience and credentials. Call ProviDent Dental Group today to set up your appointment, Saturday or otherwise.