Best dentist in Burbank for the Whole Family

best dentist in Burbank

Too many have grown up with the idea that a trip to the dentist is somewhat scary. For many, this starts during childhood. The idea that the dentist is something to be avoided is ingrained into far too many at a young age. A major part of that is because few dentists who say that they “child-friendly dentists” (or something similar) are actually friendly to children. When kids are going to the dentist for the first time (or the tenth, or the hundredth) it’s natural to be a little bit wary or even frightened of somewhere (and something) new. We’re the best dentist in Burbank for making you feel less stressed about the dentist, no matter what age you are.

Gentlest, Best Dentist in Burbank

Going to the dentist can be scary for people of all ages for another reason: it could hurt. Some treatment that you absolutely need, that will make you feel better both in the moment and later, could hurt when you’re at the dentist. We understand that, which is why we do everything we can to make our practice as gentle as possible for patients of all ages. No matter how old (or young) you are, you’re never the wrong age to have a gentle dentist in Burbank that cares about you. So, we make sure that our dental practice is as gentle as possible, all while making sure that the procedures are completed as they should be.

Good Habits, No Matter the Age

We always recommend to parents that they do everything they can to instill healthy dental care habits into their children at a young age. We can’t tell you how many parents have later come to us and said something like: “you know, while I was teaching my kids, I learned some new things myself. My own dental care has improved as a result.” Plenty of us practice the dental care habits we learned from our own parents growing up. However, now that we’re parents, dental care has advanced quite a bit. So, there are far better ways to take care of your own teeth than were available just a few years ago. You’re never too old to learn a better way to improve your own dental health.

best dentist in Burbank

A Focus on Children’s Dental Health

When you take a child to a dentist and the child has a lackluster experience, often the problem is that the dentist just isn’t used to children. As children are in a different state of their dental development, they have entirely different dental needs (in many cases) than an adult would. Unfortunately, plenty of dentists are content to just treat children like they were small adults, which does them a disservice. Here at our dental practice, we have years of experience in treating children. So, we make sure to treat them as they should be treated: as people with their own dental concerns which have to be addressed.

Children’s Dental Development and Beyond

They’re usually called “baby teeth,” but we tend to refer to them as “primary teeth.” They’re the first teeth your child has, and they serve very important, crucial roles in the health and development of your child. Obviously, they help with chewing and speaking, but they also do incredible work in developing your child’s jawbones. In fact, they even assist with guiding your child’s permanent teeth (when they arrive) into their rightful, proper place. Of course, if your child doesn’t receive the right kind of dental care, this may not work. They could develop dental problems that won’t disappear with time, but rather, worsen. To make sure that your child’s dental health is taken care of both today and in the future, then you want to get them the best dental care as early as possible in life. Then, stick with it. As they grow up right, their teeth will grow right, too.

Starting Plenty of Good Habits

We all know to make sure that our kids brush often. They don’t need to do it for hours a day obviously but making sure that they do it multiple times a day certainly won’t hurt. Flossing helps as well. However, those in and of themselves aren’t enough. No matter how videos you watch online or articles you read, getting exams and cleanings from professionals will help your children to grow properly, both in dental care and everything else.

Here at our dental practice in Burbank, we can help you and your child to get the best dental care possible. We aren’t just an adult practice, we aren’t just a dental practice for children, rather we have a dental practice where all the members of the family can get the dental care that they need. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (818) 260-9000.