About Burbank Dental Implants

about burbank dental implants

Implants are a big decision. You’re putting something into your body that wasn’t there in the first place. To us, education is a very important part of our job. We want our patients to have as much information as possible. That way, they’re able to make the most informed decision about their lives and their health. The more you know, the better a choice you can make. In this blog, we’ll talk about Burbank dental implants. We’ll show you the kind we offer, as well as how we put them in.

Burbank Dental Implants Explained

Many of the dental implants we use replace missing teeth. When you lose teeth, it can be a serious problem. Most people don’t realize how important it is to have all of their teeth before they lose one. The toll it can take on your self-confidence can be staggering. After all, when you have missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious (at best) when you smile. Then, if someone notices the missing tooth, you may feel compelled to have to explain what happened, over and over again. Implants can keep that from happening.

We use surgical procedures to put in our dental implants. To keep the replacement tooth rooted in lace, we use a tiny titanium screw. As you might guess from the name “titanium,” they’re quite durable. It’s important to note that despite being rooted in place by something titanium, your replacement tooth will look like your original teeth. No one will notice that you have a replacement tooth. To anyone who sees you, they’ll just assume that you have and have always had all of your original, natural teeth. With a replacement tooth, you can get your smile back.

We’ve had many patients come to us over the years and say something similar to: “OK, replacement tooth implants sound good, but I’m missing more than one tooth. Is this still right for me?” Of course! We can put in several implants. Even if you’re missing multiple teeth, we can put in the implants that let you have a full mouth of teeth again. It also doesn’t matter where you need teeth replaced. We can put these implants in your lower jaw, upper jaw, it doesn’t matter. You’ll have long-lasting tooth replacements when and where you need them.

Implants We Trust

We’ve found that other dentists will just tell their patients that they use “great dental implants.” Then, when it comes time to actually put the dental implants in, these dentists don’t tell their patients that they’re using cut rate or even substandard products. We don’t do that here. We’re proud to use Nobel Biocare dental implants. The reasons for that are simple: they work. These are high-quality dental implants. We’ve been using them for a long time, and so many of our patients’ replacement teeth look as great today, years later as they did when we put them in.

Nobel Biocare’s proven track record speaks for itself. One other reason that we’re proud to use their products is that they’re always looking to make them better. Nobel Biocare has made some of the best dental implants around for years, but they aren’t content with that. They keep pushing themselves forward to make better and better implants. We connect to that impulse, as we do the same for our patients. We’re always looking for ways to treat our patients better. Whether that means keeping up to date on the most advanced techniques or methods, or it means training on a new technological breakthrough in dental care, we make sure that we’re offering our patients the best dental experience.

The Dental Implants Process

It’s important to note that the process of putting in dental implants can take a while. It’s not a “have this operation during your lunch hour at work” kind of thing. It tends to take multiple visits for the procedure to be completed. Then, on top of that, you’ll probably have some healing time as well. However, the time it takes is worth it. Once everything is complete, you’ll have a great smile and bite again. You’ll be able to go out to dinner with someone special, eating what you want and grinning widely all the while.

When you come to our Burbank dental practice, we’ll sit down with you and figure out the right process to give you your smile back. While most people tend to lose teeth in similar scenarios, no two mouths are exactly the same. Your dental implants solution will be different from another person’s. So, we’ll figure out the right process for you when you come in. For those who need it, the first step tends to be bone grafting. This is often placed in during your first surgical appointment. However, you won’t have to deal with more procedures directly afterward. Typically, we allow this to heal before moving on.

about burbank dental implants


When the bone graft heals completely, the process can continue. Then, we take the bone graft and drill a hole into it. That’s where the implant is screwed into the correct spot with that titanium screw we mentioned earlier. As you might imagine, this takes a moment to heal, too. In fact, it tends to take three to six months for a person to heal from this procedure. That’s because it usually takes that long for the gums to heal over the implant completely. The bone support has to re-form, too. After three to six months, it tends to be fully stabilized.

Once that time is up, you’re almost there. You’ll come back to our location where we’ll expose the end of the implant. Then, we’ll put an abutment on top of it. Finally, we cement a crown to the abutment. This crown is a permanent crown, so you won’t have to worry about smiling for a while. We check this out thoroughly for bite and other functions. One of the most rewarding moments is at the end of this, when our patients smile into the mirror.

A Solution that Lasts

Dental implants can seem like something new, or something that just sprang into the cultural consciousness. While that may be true of some of the materials and methods involved in practices like ours (which make a point of using the latest, best technological advancements) dental implants have been around for a while. In fact, people have been using them for more than three decades. When we say “people,” we mean “a lot of people.” It’s estimated that more than a million people in the world today have used dental implants successfully.

We know that this procedure can be a long one, and that you only want to go through it if you have a great chance of success. Thankfully, dental implants have a frankly incredible track record. Anterior mandible dental implant procedures have an amazing success rate of over 90%. You might think “OK, that’s a high number, but only for a brief period of time.” In this case, the study was actually conducted over a decade. So, when you come by here for dental implants, you’ll get a smile that doesn’t just last for a brief period of time. You’ll be smiling for a long while.

We aim to give our patients a different kind of dental experience. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be stressful, or something to be dreaded. With music, movies and plenty of other “creature comforts,” we want you to feel relaxed and calm. At our practice, we know it’s our job to fix any dental problems you may have, but we also see it as our job to eliminate any “dental anxiety,” too. To schedule a free consultation with us to give you your best smile back, give us a call at (818) 260-9000 or go through our site.