Check Your Kid’s Teeth At A Child’s Dentist In Burbank

child's dentist in Burbank

Dental care in children is vital if you wish for them to grow up with healthy teeth and gums. The first experience of a dental surgery is also very important, as a bad visit can ensure that the child, and later the adult, doesn’t like going to the dentist. Without proper care and attention, the baby teeth may become decayed, and the adult teeth which replace them are also likely to suffer from decay and plaque. In order to avoid all of this, we recommend that you take your child to a kid-positive dentist, such as ProviDent. Our team can offer you the services of a child’s dentist in Burbank that you can use as a first approach to treating your child.

child's dentist in Burbank

Treating Baby Teeth With A Child’s Dentist

The first teeth which appear in the mouth are designed to fall out at a young age, with permanent teeth waiting behind. Known as baby teeth or primary teeth, these have an important role when it comes to teaching children dental health. They can also form guidelines for the adult or secondary teeth, helping them into their permanent place. It is therefore very important to practice good hygiene and keep the teeth as long as possible, as without them the adult teeth may struggle to find their way into the correct location. Parents sometimes make the mistake of forgetting that these teeth need to be cared for, and so teenagers arrive at our surgery with their full permanent teeth, crooked, misaligned and often in a bad state of decay.

Teaching Children To Care For Their Teeth

The permanent teeth are already in place below the jaw when the child is born, and they can be as affected by tooth decay and gum disease as the baby teeth. This is why it is so important to develop good oral hygiene with children from a very early age, since this will influence how they will look after their permanent teeth. Just like adults, children can be susceptible to tooth decay, plaque and gum disease, all of which can be slowed down or removed with good brushing and flossing. In addition to home care for the child, adults need to be pro-active in bringing their children to the dentist. Find a welcoming dentist who makes the child feel comfortable, and you could start them on a journey of good oral health and long-lasting teeth.

Let Us Look After Your Child’s Teeth

When you need a child’s dentist in Burbank to take care of your children’s teeth, you can contact ProviDent. We believe that by starting young, you can keep your kid healthy and show them that the dentist isn’t someone to be afraid of. The longer you leave it between dentist visits, the more likely it is that they will need treatment. Avoid this by making sure that you fix an appointment for your child as soon as they develop teeth. You can make a dual appointment for you and your child when you contact Provident by calling (818) 960-7600 now.