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Burbank dentist

California has some of the highest rates of dental decay in the USA, ranging from early years’ schoolchildren with dental caries to a large percentage of adults over the age of 55 with missing teeth. We must stop this problem now, and the best way to ensure that your family’s teeth are healthy is to make regular appointments with a Burbank dentist offering treatment services for adults and children. At Provident, not only do we do regular check-ups, ensuring that your teeth are kept in great condition, but we can also provide additional services, including teeth whitening and straightening, that will help your family to have smiles to envy.

burbank dentist

Why Dental Treatment Is A Necessity

As a dental surgery we see a lot of people coming to appointments with missing or decaying teeth. Sometimes, they are in such a bad state that we can do little but extract their natural teeth, and provide dentures or teeth implants as a replacement. Not only do they have severe cavities, but they may have bad breath, gingivitis, broken teeth and even infections. Without our care, they could quickly develop problems such as sepsis, an infection of the bloodstream which can be deadly. These problems could be avoided with the help of an expert dental team offering a high standard of care. When you come to the team at Provident, we will offer an exam as a first step towards assessing your needs. From there, we can move on to further treatment options.

Taking Steps To Care For Your Teeth

Think of visiting a Burbank dentist as part of a regular teeth-care routine, which also includes brushing and flossing, using mouth wash, and ensuring that you don’t use your teeth for things such as opening bottles. At Provident, we believe that a visit to your dentist is one of the ways to defend your teeth against serious damage, including heart disease. There is such a strong link between dental care and heart problems that the same type of plaque is found in both locations. Taking care of your teeth can help as part of your self-care routine, and will include things like visiting the gym or eating well. Your dentist can also spot signs of other disease, including diabetes or high blood pressure, at an early stage, helping you to get treatment as soon as possible.

Make Sure You Book An Appointment

When you want to make sure that you take care of your teeth, you will need to book an appointment with a Burbank dentist like Provident. We can offer you a wide range of dental care services, including cavity filling, root canal, and cosmetic dentistry including braces and veneers. Make an appointment to ensure that you get a full dental check up and advice for future treatment including all of the above, and more. To find out more about how our team can help you with your teeth care, you should contact us today either online, or by calling (818) 960-7600 now.