Dental Implant Dentist: Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

dental implant dentist

Losing a tooth can make you self-conscious. Losing more can make it worse. When you’re missing a tooth, it’s natural to worry about every time you smile, or even every time you open your mouth. It could get so bad that you could constantly be concerned with: “are they noticing my missing tooth right now.” Just because you’ve lost a tooth, that doesn’t mean that you should have to spend the rest of your days worried about your smile. As a dental implant dentist, we can make sure that your smile looks like your smile again.

What a Dental Implant Dentist Does

Our Burbank dental implant dentists makes sure that your smile looks exactly the way you want it to look. We have many different ways of ensuring that takes place. To our patients who are missing a tooth or even missing teeth, a dental implant can be the answer. These dental implants are strong enough to pass the test of time. That means that they’ll last in your mouth for years to come, you won’t have to worry about them falling out or cracking. You can eat the foods you want and you can smile whenever you want: these dental implants adapt to your lifestyle.

How the Dental Implant Works

You’ve probably heard of the material “titanium.” It’s named appropriately, as it’s strong and durable. With our dental implant procedure, we take a small titanium screw and use it as a replacement for the root of your missing tooth. We make sure this bonds to your bone or otherwise serves as an effective anchor for your new tooth. Using some of the best technology available (veneers, or whatever might be most appropriate) we then give you a replacement tooth that doesn’t look like a replacement; rather it looks like your natural tooth.

dental implant dentist

A New Tooth, Naturally

If you’ve been missing a tooth for any length of time, then you’re probably tired of having to answer the question: “so, what happened to your tooth?” Should you get a dental implant that serves as your new tooth, you won’t have to answer those questions anymore. In fact, you won’t have to answer any questions about your teeth anymore. See, these implants aren’t just made to be replacement teeth, they’re made to look like the teeth you’ve had your entire life. People will simply see your beautiful smile, your wide grin, they won’t wonder about the teeth in your mouth. It will be as if you never lost a tooth in the first place.

The Dental Implant Process

For many of our patients, we know that they once they realize they can get a dental implant dentist which will replace their missing teeth, they don’t want to have to wait. We can actually give you the replacement teeth you’re looking for in as little as three visits. You can schedule the visits with us ahead of time. So, your schedule for getting the smile that you want is entirely at your discretion

The first visit is an examination and then consultation. We know that so many of our patients know exactly what they want to have done. However, they might not know all of the different ways to accomplish that which they’re looking for. That’s why we perform a thorough examination when you come into our practice. We’ll sit down and talk to you, figuring out exactly what it is you’re looking for. Then, we’ll lay out all of the different options available. From there, you can pick the one that’s best for you. We believe in educating our clients, as we’ve found that helps them both with this particular concern as well as future ones. The better informed our patients are, the better choices they can make in the future.

Should we have determined, collectively, that veneers and implants are the right options for you, then the second visit will include the trimming of your enamel. “Trimming” is the correct word here, as we only take half a millimeter of your enamel. During this visit, we also make impressions of your teeth as well.

The third visit is the one that you’ve been waiting for: this is the visit where we put in your replacement teeth for good. The porcelain veneers are cemented into place. The word “cemented” is used properly here, as these veneers aren’t going anywhere. Then, we use ultraviolet light to make sure they harden quickly, too.

Just because your teeth are missing doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Replacements, that can replace your teeth in all ways, are available. In as little as three visits, your teeth can look how you want. To start the process and schedule that initial examination and consultation, just give us a call at (818) 260-9000.