Dental Veneers: More Than A Cover

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The definition of the word “veneer” includes “to face or cover (an object) with any materials that is more desirable as a surface material than the basic material of the object.” That’s what our dental veneers do. These veneers can cover your teeth, making them look better than ever. This can be true even if your teeth have been severely damaged. As one of the many services we offer, including full mouth reconstruction and others, our veneers can give you the teeth (as well as that look) that you’ve been searching for.

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Dental Veneers: Your Teeth, Naturally

Often, when we introduce the idea of these veneers to our patients, they ask us plenty of questions about them. One of the most common questions is: “won’t people notice that I’ve had work done?” The answer is: almost assuredly not. There are several reasons for that, but the biggest one is that the veneers we install provide an appearance like your natural teeth. For all intents and purposes, they will look just like they were your natural teeth. Instead of looking like something that was installed, they’ll look like the teeth you have always wanted to have.

Of course, that being said, these veneers will also be brighter than your teeth, certainly. Many of our patients want to repair their teeth or to make them look brighter than they do. These veneers can do that while looking like your natural teeth. Perhaps the best way to put what veneers are like is that they resemble what your natural teeth would look like if they were always healthy and whole. If you’d never had tooth problems throughout your entire life, then that’s what these veneers look like.

The people you see every day, who may have seen your teeth when they were less than their best will notice that you’ve had something done. But, the effect won’t be so dramatic as to be distracting, or something that you have to worry about in the back of your mind. For many of our patients who get dental veneers, they’ve been worried about how their teeth look for some time. It can take a real toll on your self-esteem and hold you back from really embracing your potential.

Veneers are great for when you’re meeting new people, in formal or informal situations. They won’t know that you ever had tooth damage or concerns. Instead, what they’ll see are your beautiful, white, shiny teeth that are wholly and completely yours. To make sure that you get veneers that really match your teeth, our staff draws upon their years of experience. We’ve been giving people tremendous veneers for some time. You can view our work online, or you can simply look at our many patients, plenty of which have had veneers for several years and counting.

Resistant to Stains and More

The word “veneer” can make it sound like these veneers are something flimsy or ephemeral. These veneers, however, are anything but. Typically, we use porcelain veneers on our patients. The porcelain we use is not like the porcelain you might see in your fragile plates. This porcelain is strong and sturdy. This porcelain will be in your mouth for a long period of time, chewing through foods and being resistant to stains.

It may seem like porcelain veneers would be susceptible to stains, but the opposite is true. They’re essentially stain resistant, and the odds of you staining these are basically nil. Obviously, you want to take care of them, but they’re far more stain resistant than most people realize. For those who have had yellow teeth that persist no matter how much they brush or take care of them, these veneers can be a genuine relief. Instead of fighting against your teeth, over and over, day after day, going through whitening toothpaste after whitening toothpaste, you can get veneers. They make dark teeth appear whiter for a long time.

It’s important to note that these veneers don’t just make your teeth brighter. They can reshape your teeth as well. Many of the people who come to us for veneers have perfectly white teeth, they just happen to have chips, cracks, or worse tooth damage. No amount of brushing and flossing is going to reshape your teeth or replace lasting damage like that. These veneers can repair that damage, giving your teeth a beautiful, unified look.

The Right Approach for Your Teeth

At the ProviDent Dental Group, we favor conservative approaches when possible. We know that while everyone wants whiter, healthier and better teeth, not everyone wants to go through an entire full mouth reconstruction. However, sometimes that becomes necessary. Whenever possible, we do what we can to make sure that you get the teeth you want without having to resort to surgery or other similarly invasive treatments.

That’s why our veneers are in such demand. Compared to other procedures, like full mouth reconstruction, it’s a far more conservative and minimalist approach. The shaping procedures are far less with veneers than others, so there’s less cutting into your body. The recovery period tends to not take long at all, either.  When we put in veneers, it changes your teeth without changing too much about your body.

Even though our veneers may not be the most invasive procedure, you’ll still see an incredible benefit from them. Veneers fundamentally alter your teeth and smile, so they can also fundamentally alter how people see you. For so many of us with stained, yellow or otherwise damaged teeth, it’s not always easy to smile. You may worry about if someone’s going to notice, or what they’re going to say. With these veneers, the opposite is true: you’re going to want to smile. Your smile can brighten up any room.

These days, essentially everyone is busy. It can be hard to make time for even your day to day schedule, much less something more involved like getting veneers put in. That’s why we make the procedure as easy as possible for our patients. Here at the ProviDent Dental Group, we can put your veneers in just three visits. That’s it. You’ll notice there’s no asterisk by “three visits,” as in “we say three visits in this blog, but really it will be more visits than that.” No, when we say “it takes just three visits,” it takes just three visits.

The first visit is essentially just an examination and consultation. We always want to check to make sure that veneers are the right approach for our patients. Often, veneers are. However, sometimes there’s another treatment that would be more effective in helping our patients to reach their teeth-related goals. If we decide that veneers are the right approach, then the second visit is about trimming your enamel roughly half a millimeter. We make impressions of your teeth as well. The third visit is where it all comes together: we cement the veneers into place. Yes, “cement” is the right verb. Instead of doing this with harmful chemicals, we use ultraviolet light.

Veneers, Full Mouth Reconstruction and More

While these veneers may be adding something to your body, in a very real way, they’re revealing. Your best, most beautiful smile won’t be hidden by stains or damage anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to show the world your best smile, your true smile. Your best smile is ahead of you, not behind you. When you come to our Burbank dental practice, we’ll sit down with you and figure out the best way to move forward. Maybe it’s dental veneers, perhaps it’s full mouth reconstruction or something in between the two. We offer dental services for the whole family: kids, teens, adults, seniors and more. To schedule a free consultation, simply give the ProviDent Dental Group a call at (818) 960-7600.