Find solutions to missing teeth with Burbank dental implants

burbank dental implants

Find solutions to missing teeth with Burbank dental implants

Many residents of California are missing one or more teeth, and a surprisingly large number have only a few teeth remaining in their head. Having gaps in your dentistry means that you can struggle to eat comfortably, and they can also be a prime location for bacteria and gum loss. If the dental loss is at the front of your mouth, then you may be put off smiling or feel as though it is noticeable on the outside. You may have tried bridges or dentures in the past, and found them uncomfortable or restrictive, and are interested in other options. Here at Provident Dental Group in Burbank dental implants are a specialty that could help you to resolve dental loss issues.

What are dental implants?

For more than thirty years, dentists have been using implants to help their patients recover from a tooth extraction. While they were not always successful at the start, modern technology means that we now have a success rate of 90% and more. In modern implantation, we treat the jaw bone where the implant is to go, sometimes even using bone grafts to get a good foundation. We then make a simple hole into that bone and insert the base of the implant. This process takes about 3 months, and then we add an abutment which sits above the gum to hold the tooth. Once this is done, we can then add a permanent crown, which we cement into place above the abutment.

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Making sure we succeed

We believe that dental care, including the conditions of your gums, is the key to successful implants, and we are prepared to work with you to make sure that the implants are optimal to ensure that you get to keep your new smile. In order to maximize the success of the procedure, we will go through the necessary dental care steps with you. Our assessment of the gaps in your teeth will also allow us to develop a plan, which might include grafting the bone, to create a permanent tooth that will last as long as the rest of your natural teeth. You will need to take steps to care for your implant, and general dental hygiene is essential to prevent damage to the crown. You will learn more about the process when we discuss it with you.

Start getting treatment today

Find out whether you are a suitable candidate for Burbank dental implants today by arranging an appointment with our implant specialists. We can assess the current condition of your teeth and decide which is the best option for you. Get rid of unsightly gaps in your teeth and start to experience real confidence again by talking to our team today. At ProviDent Dental Group, we aim to help as many patients get perfect smiles again and are happy to help you with every stage of the process. Simply contact us now, or call our dental practice on 818-260-9000 to arrange an appointment today.