Full Mouth Reconstruction: A New Beginning

full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like. It means that your entire mouth is basically rebuilt or restored. Instead of just focusing on an area or so, this kind of reconstruction takes care of everything in one fell swoop. It can be referred to by other names, such as “full mouth restoration” or “rehabilitation,” but the end result is the same. When you come to the ProviDent Dental Group, we can provide you with this kind of restoration so that your mouth can look how you want.

full mouth reconstruction

Why this Restoration May be Necessary

As you might imagine, this kind of reconstruction is something of a last resort. Whenever possible, we try to stick to the most conservative, non-invasive treatments. We do everything we can to keep your dental structure the same and seek to change as little as possible. However, sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes, that wouldn’t get the job done, leaving you with other, lingering problems. This kind of reconstruction can fix all of them, restoring your mouth to the way you want it to be.

We don’t suggest this kind of treatment lightly. Often, when we do make a recommendation for this kind of reconstruction, it’s only after an extensive examination. Once all other options have been exhausted or ruled inadequate, then and only then do we suggest this kind of reconstruction. As much as we may we reframe from suggesting this initially, should it be necessary, we can provide you with the best kind of full mouth reconstruction.

This sort of reconstruction can become necessary due to many factors. One of the most common is significant, lasting tooth damage. Someone who has lost teeth due to any number of reasons, or even just had several teeth fractured or damaged might be a great candidate for this. However, you don’t have to have lost teeth for this reconstruction to be right for you. Many of the people we perform this on have all of their teeth, but those teeth have been worn down dramatically. This could be due to grinding their teeth; it might be a case of acid erosion over time or any other reason. Regardless, if there is enough damage to your teeth, a full mouth reconstruction could be the right way to go.

However, we often recommend this kind of reconstruction for people who have significant, lasting pain. This pain doesn’t have to be all over one’s mouth, it could just be in specific regions. For example, people who have felt pain in their jaw that just won’t go away can find relief through this kind of reconstruction. We’ve even provided this kind of treatment for people with headaches. While not everyone who has a headache problem can benefit from this treatment, it can be right for many. To put it simply, when your bite needs to be adjusted to alleviate pain, this reconstruction can do it in the best possible way.

Reconstruction: Whatever It Takes

While this procedure is one that we perform often, that doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. In fact, one full mouth restoration is different from the next person’s full mouth restoration. Just as their problems making this kind of restoration a necessity are unique, their treatment will be the same. for example, someone who has significant gum issues and needs a full mouth restoration will involve far more root planning, scaling, or even bone grafts than someone who predominantly has concerns with their teeth. By that same token, someone who is missing plenty of teeth, or has several cracked ones, will need more in the way of veneers, bridges or crowns than someone with more gum issues. When you come to the ProviDent Dental Group, we make this full mouth treatment to fully fit your mouth and your mouth alone.

However, many of the people who come to us for this kind of treatment don’t really have problems with their teeth or gums so much as they do with their bite. Have you ever bit down and felt pain? Or, you feel a sharp, stabbing sensation when chewing? That shouldn’t happen.  This kind of reconstruction can include procedures (whether they’re before or after the restoration itself) that will provide you with the best possible treatment for you.

What Reconstruction Is and What It Isn’t

When you discuss this kind of reconstruction with our patients, some of them confuse it with other procedures. “Isn’t that kind of like a smile makeover” is a question that we get quite a bit. While they have some procedures and results in common, they’re actually quite different. What separates the two are motivations and end goals. Everyone wants a better, more attractive and healthier looking smile. That’s the entire goal of a smile makeover. However, it’s an elective procedure. While you may want to have a better smile, you aren’t going to be in literal, physical pain if it doesn’t happen.

When someone needs a reconstruction, they need a reconstruction. It’s not about looking better. It’s about not being in constant pain. Reconstruction isn’t a choice, it’s an emergency. It’s fixing something that’s gone wrong so that you can live a life with less pain in it. Sure, the procedure may help you to get more attractive, better-looking teeth. But, unlike a smile makeover which is something cosmetic, a reconstruction rebuilds your mouth from the ground up, repairing something that has gone wrong.

A Lengthy, Rewarding Process

We aren’t going to lie to you and say that this kind of reconstruction can be done overnight. It’s a long process. It will most likely require several visits stretched out over a significant period of time. Moreover, it may require several different surgical procedures. If you told someone you were “reconstructing your home,” they would know that you weren’t referring to a small procedure. To fully reconstruct your mouth, it requires many different kinds of procedures, some of which have to follow other procedures.

The all-encompassing nature of this kind of reconstruction is why it’s all the more important to come to the ProviDent Dental Group. Here, our experienced dentists have a proven track record. We’ve performed all different kinds of operations and procedures, all of which may become necessary during the course of this kind of reconstruction. That way, you can rest assured that no matter what kind of procedures your reconstruction will require for success, we can provide you with the kind of help that you need.

That being said, the last thing we’d ever want is to give you a procedure that you didn’t need. That’s why this kind of reconstruction is often the last resort. On top of that, we keep that in mind all throughout the course of your reconstruction. Instead of putting you through every procedure just on account of you having a reconstruction, we make sure that you only get the procedures that you need. That way, your full mouth reconstruction is truly yours: fitting your mouth to give you the care that you need. Whether you need to restore your teeth, your gums, your bite, or anything else, this procedure makes sure that you walk out of the ProviDent Dental Group with a newer, better mouth.

ProviDent Dental Group: Proven Reconstruction Experts

Sometimes, reconstruction is necessary. However, many times it isn’t. So many of our patients who believed that reconstruction was the only kind of procedure that would give them the results they were looking for came to our dental practice for a free consultation. There, we were able to direct them towards another treatment, that was less invasive and faster so that they could get even better, more personalized results. The first step towards improved dental health is scheduling a free consultation with us. You can do so by calling us at (818) 960-7600.