Looking for Lumineers in Burbank? We’ll Answer Your Questions

lumineers in burbank

More people with each passing day are looking for ways to improve their smiles. While some people may just step up their dental hygiene and care routines, others may think about whitening procedures, and still, others want to know what cosmetic options may be available to assist them. There are a variety of choices available to patients today that can improve their smiles, with some being less invasive than others. Replacing broken or missing teeth may require greater reconstruction and the use of dental implants, but fixing teeth that are chipped, stained or cracked can be a bit easier, especially with the use of lumineers. If you are interested in learning about lumineers in Burbank, here at the ProviDent Dental Group, we will be glad to answer questions for you.

What are Lumineers?

You may never have heard of lumineers before, or if you have, you be unsure just what they are and what they do. Lumineers are porcelain veneers that are super-thin. They are placed over your existing tooth structure and used to cover up teeth that may be crooked, stained or have minor flaws. The lumineers are bonded to your teeth so that they give the appearance of a natural tooth, making it so that no one besides yourself would even know that they are there. The lumineers can be used to cover stained teeth or hide gaps in teeth so that your teeth can look bright and natural again.

lumineers in burbank

Do Lumineers Hurt?

When you come to us for lumineers in Burbank, you can rest assured that the procedures involved do not hurt at all. Generally, the first visit is used to take molds of the tooth or teeth that will be covered by the lumineers so that the proper size and shape can be created. When you return to the office, the lumineers are checked for size and shading so that we can be sure they match your natural teeth. They are then applied to your existing teeth, and that is it. You leave the office with teeth that look like they are brand new, and you can go about eating, drinking, talking, brushing your teeth and everything else as usual.

Come in and Learn about Lumineers

If lumineers in Burbank seem like they might be the ideal answer for you so you can improve and enhance your teeth and smile, make plans to come in and see us here at the ProviDent Dental Group. You can schedule an appointment with our trained, experienced cosmetic dentist and find out if lumineers are the best option for you. To make an appointment with us, please use the contact form that you find on our website or call us at our office number of (818) 960-7600 during regular business hours. One of our dental staff will assist you and put you on our schedule so you can come in for a consultation and learn all about how lumineers can change the look of your smile.