What is Root Canal Treatment in Burbank?

root canal treatment in Burbank

Lately, you know you have been having trouble with one of your teeth. You have been experiencing recurrent pain in your mouth, and one of your teeth seems very sensitive. You may even notice some swelling in your mouth, and hot or cold liquids have become excruciating for you to drink. You clearly have something wrong with one of your teeth, and you know you need to go to see a dentist. If you are in Southern California, coming to us at ProviDent Dental Group can be the best decision you can make, we can supply you with complete dental care, and will perform an exam to determine the problem and the help you need. If it turns out that you need a root canal, we will explain our root canal treatment in Burbank to you thoroughly so you know what is going on, what to expect, and how we can help you.

Understanding Root Canal

You have probably heard the term root canal for many years, but you may not fully understand what it is, why it is necessary, and what it does. When you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or infected, the nerve networks and blood supply to that tooth may be damaged as well. The tissue in the center of the root of the tooth referred to as the canal, may have been traumatized, causing the troubles you are having. A tooth can exist in a traumatic state for months or even years before you start to feel pain, but when the pain becomes acute, you want to get treatment as soon as possible.

root canal treatment in Burbank

Root Canal Procedures

Before we perform any root canal procedure in Burbank, we will take x-rays to get a clear view of the tooth and see what the damage is. Once we have determined that a root canal is necessary, we can set an appointment for the procedure. Performing a root canal is a lot like getting a cavity filled, and there is nothing to fear from the treatment we provide to you. We will make you as comfortable as possible and explain everything to you so that you do not feel anxious about the procedure. There may be some mild discomfort to you, but our professional staff will do all we can to put you at ease so that the process is painless and appropriately done to solve the problem for you.

Call Us About Root Canal Treatment in Burbank

If you are having difficulty with your teeth and need to know if you require a root canal in Burbank or some other dental treatment, contact us right away here at the ProviDent Dental Group. We offer complete dental services that can help heal the dental issues for you and make your mouth healthier and comfortable again. You can reach our office at any time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, by calling (818) 260-9000. We will be there to answer questions you may have about tooth pain, root canal, and the help we can provide for you.