What Is The Procedure For A Dental Implant In Burbank

dental implant in Burbank

It’s fair to say that one of the biggest and most common reasons that people cite for being afraid and anxious of the dentist isn’t the prospect of being in any pain, but actually the prospect of not knowing what to expect. Not knowing what exactly is going to happen to you when you are sat back in the big chair cause lead to plenty of anxiety. Fear of the unexpected is very common among patients of all medical situations, but the good thing about the unexpected is that it can very quickly become the expected if you do your homework and find a few things out. For example, what about a dental implant? It is a hugely common procedure that is undertaken by millions every single day, but how much do you really know about it? To help ease your anxiety, here is what you can expect from a dental implant in Burbank.

• In simple terms, getting a dental implant involves a procedure of placing a titanium and porcelain implant made up of two parts into the mouth in order to fill a gap that has been left by the loss or removal of a bad tooth. It is essentially a screw-like rod inserted into the jawbone onto which is fixed a false tooth, perfectly mimicking an original tooth because it is closely matched in color to the teeth around it.

dental implant in Burbank

• The length of time the dental implant procedure takes depends on various factors. These include your current dental health, the number of teeth that are to be implanted, the location of the place where the implant is going to go and whether you are going to need damaged teeth to be removed before the implant can be inserted. The common experience is to have at least three sessions with a dentist before the dental implant is complete.

• Don’t be afraid of the pain factor, because the truth is that patients undergoing a dental implant in Burbank are given a powerful anesthetic that will prevent you from feeling any type of pain. You will feel what is happening to your teeth and gums, but many describe the sensation as being strange or uncomfortable rather than actually painful.

• You will most likely be given some instructions to follow in preparation for a dental implant surgery. These commonly include rinsing with a special anti-bacterial mouthwash, taking some preventative antibiotics before the day of the surgery, eating a good breakfast on the day of the surgery in case you are not in a position to eat for a few hours after the procedure, and making sure that arrange for someone to help you get home from the dentist afterwards.

So, if that has helped to relieve some of the anxiety that you might have been feeling about the prospect of dental implants, then the next big step to take is to actually find a cosmetic dentist to register with. If you think that you might be in need of a dental implant in Burbank from a reputable clinic like Burbank Dentist, then don’t wait too long to make an appointment.