When to Consider Going to a Cosmetic Dentist in Burbank?

cosmetic dentist in Burbank

ProviDent Dental Group will help you achieve a more gorgeous smile. Our cosmetic dentist in Burbank has been creating beautiful smiles for years now.

At our exclusive dental office, we offer personalized care using advanced procedures. The cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer will not only enhance your smile but will also improve your life.

Some patients vacillated to seek cosmetic dental treatment. For them, this procedure is just a waste of their money. However, cosmetic dentistry is more than you just beautifying your smile.

Here are some reasons you need to visit cosmetic dentists in Burbank.

See a Cosmetic Dentist in Burbank when you need to:

1. Replace Missing Teeth

Losing one or some teeth can affect your daily life. It does not only affect your self-esteem but it also impacts your overall health.

Our cosmetic dentist in Burbank can restore your missing tooth or teeth at the right time. Doing so will prevent oral health complications from getting worse.

Replacing your missing teeth is also vital so you can enjoy eating again the food that you love. If you avoid certain foods because of the difficulty of eating them, then make sure to contact our cosmetic dentist at ProviDent.

Missing teeth could also change the overall positioning of your healthy teeth. They cause stiffness in the joints and muscles.

To resolve these issues because of the missing teeth, our cosmetic dentist may recommend implants, crowns or dentures. The dental restoration you need will depend on your situation.

2. Treat Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, you may think that it is just a cosmetic problem. However, crooked teeth can cause tons of dental issues.

Your jaw is designed to ensure that your teeth are aligned perfectly against each other when your jaw is closed. In this way, you can chew properly and keep your teeth healthy.

But having some of your teeth out of alignment can result in various dental problems. It is especially seen in your jaw joint.

Crowded teeth can also hide some particles of food that, if not removed, could cause cavities, decay, and other gum problems.

One of the most common solutions for crooked teeth is to wear braces. If you do not like wearing those ugly dental braces, you can opt for clear braces. Your dentist may recommend Invisalign.

Apart from braces, porcelain veneers can also fix those crooked teeth without the need to wear traditional metal braces. Talk to our cosmetic dentist today to know your options.

cosmetic dentist in Burbank

3. Remove Teeth Stains

There are several reasons for teeth staining. The food and drink that you consume can be a huge factor. Your oral hygiene and the medication you use can also cause staining of your teeth.

If you are embarrassed by your smile because of your discolored teeth, consider going to our cosmetic dentist. There are several solutions for teeth discoloration.

The most prevalent selection is in-office whitening treatment. Here, the dentist will utilize whitening agents that are more potent than over-the-counter whitening toothpaste.

Apart from teeth whitening treatment, bonding and veneers may also be recommended. They are the ideal solution if your discolored teeth are caused by intrinsic stains. This type of stain cannot be managed through teeth whitening solution.

Our cosmetic dentist will evaluate your discolored teeth first before recommending an ideal solution. Over-the-counter treatments may not give you the desired results.

You can spend hundreds of money but the results are just pale in comparison with the in-office whitening treatment at ProviDent. To know the best solution for your discolored teeth, book an appointment with our dentist today.

4. Restore Damaged Teeth

If you grind your teeth at night, it may damage your teeth. This habit, if not treated, can chip or crack your teeth.

If that happens, our cosmetic dentist may recommend a quick bond. Depending on your situation, a full set of veneers may also be advised.

However, it is not enough to treat your damaged teeth. Our dentist may also refer you to a specialist who can help you feel relaxed. Stress is one of the factors that can cause teeth grinding at night.

If you can eliminate stress, you can avoid teeth grinding. Relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga, can be of great help with stress.

It is also fitting that you wear a night guard to prevent teeth grinding from damaging your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist will customize a night guard for you to wear it every night.

Then again, it cannot treat teeth grinding. Rather, you must treat the cause of that habit to help you stop grinding your teeth at night.

ProviDent offers several cosmetic dental procedures that can restore the overall functioning of your teeth. They are not only ideal to make your smile more appealing but they are also perfect in improving your teeth function.

Visit our cosmetic dentist in Burbank today or schedule an appointment with us by calling (818) 260-9000.