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TMJ & Jaw Pain

Understanding Jaw Pain Caused by TMJ

We are experts at treating TMJ and Jaw pain in Burbank so expect to substantial reduction in jaw pain, popping and headaches following your visit to ProviDent Dental Group

If you have trouble opening your mouth wide, hear popping or grating sounds when you move your mouth or sometimes feel like your jaw is stuck open or closed, it is extremely likely that you will need for jaw pain in Burbank. Jaw pain can range from minor to severe, last for just a few seconds or last for years. You may experience pain or tenderness near the TM joint as well as in your face, neck or shoulders. Headaches, toothaches, tinnitus and dizziness are also common indications you may need treatment for TMJ disorder. However, these symptoms could be caused by other conditions such as toothache,  or sinus problems just as easily as by a TMJ disorder.  Because we’ve been treating TMJ and jaw pain in Burbank for  years, we can definitely help you, call