What Are E-MAX Crowns?

E-MAX crowns

Take a survey of any number of people in a dentist’s waiting room and it’s fair to assume that a large percentage of them are there for cosmetic reasons rather than medical. Instead of a painful gum or aching tooth, it’s actually the look of their smile that has persuaded them to visit the dentist to see what improvements might be made. When discussing this problem with a professional dentist in Burbank, one of the answers that you will be likely to hear is a recommendation for E-MAX crowns. There are various types of dental crowns but not all crowns are equal. So, what exactly are these crowns? How can they help to improve your smile?

• An E-MAX crown is the newest and most luxurious type of crown that is currently available to dentists. It is a perfect combination of something brilliantly cosmetic while solving a medical problem too.

• Compared to other types of crown, an E-MAX crown is far less prone to chipping and this is because it isn’t a zirconium crown. This means increased durability and far longer lasting results for your money.

E-MAX crowns

• E-MAX crowns are made from a ceramic material that has been specially selected for its durability and translucent color. This extra care and attention in the manufacturing process means that you not only get the toughest crown on the market, but also the crown that will be able to be best matched to the color of your surrounding natural teeth.

• Due to the fact that they are made from ceramic, there is absolutely no chance of any allergic reaction to metal within your mouth. This is a risk that people have to take when choosing to go down a cheaper, metal based route instead.

• If your mouth is formed in such a way that you do not have much room in between your teeth, then a ceramic crown just like E-MAX is definitely the best option. The lighter and thinner nature of the design means that it can be easily fitted into smaller spaces, and it also means that less of your natural tooth has to be removed in order to accommodate it.

• If you are looking for the absolute best in modern dentistry, then there is no arguing that these crowns are anywhere other than at the top of the current hierarchy. Patients can expect to be paying a higher price for E-MAX crowns than some of the alternatives, but this really is a case of having to pay the most to get the best.

If you think that E-MAX crowns are something that would fix the confidence issues that you are having with your own smile, then the next big step is to research which of your local dental clinics offer them. Finding a place such as, for example, our Burbank Dentist, is the most important part of the process. After you have registered with us, you can be assured of the quality of the treatment from top to bottom.