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Invisalign: The Clear Solution

We are elite providers of Invisalign in the Burbank area. No need to use old school orthodontics to cure crooked teeth, the future is now with Invisalign®

Forget about old-fashioned braces.  There’s a new, better way for a Burbank Invisalign® dentist to straighten teeth. Invisalign® is cutting-edge orthodontic technology custom made to correct many dental problems, without subjecting you to the embarrassment and discomfort of metal braces and outdated orthodontics. Invisalign® treatment in Burbank for teens is a great option.  Your teenager won’t need to be worried about their image in school. you, as an adult, may want to enhance your smile while keeping your orthodontic treatment private.  Conditions like crowded teeth or gaps in-between teeth can often be resolved in less than a year of Invisalign® treatment for most adults.  With your dream-smile potentially just a short time away, why wouldn’t you want to try Invisalign® in Burbank?  You will be able to smile with confidence throughout your Invisalign® treatment as the appliance is virtually undetectable in your mouth.