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Sleep Apnea

Do You Snore At Night? This May Indicate You Have Sleep Apnea!

If you have sleep apnea, come see us at ProviDent Dental Group in Burbank, we’re here to help…

Snoring is one of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea. Snoring is usually caused by relaxed throat muscles and the tongue obstructing the airway when one is sleeping. Sometimes this lack of air into the lungs slows or momentarily stops respiratory effort. In short, those with sleep apnea stop breathing for a few seconds before their breathing starts up again. This may happen several times during the course of the night and can be dangerous. When the brain or heart does not have enough oxygen, damage to your body’s health can happen. At ProviDent Dental Group, our focus on complete health dentistry means using dental science and technology to tackle problems relatedto dental health that can adversely impact the important organ systems of the body. There are several factors that contribute to the likelihood that you have sleep apnea. Sometimes it can be genetic, other times it may be positional relative to your head, neck and tongue as you sleep. It may also be influenced by lifestyle habits and age. For example, men who smoke, are overweight, or are over the age of sixty are more prone to have this syndrome. Even though sleep apnea in Burbank is more common in men, it is possible for anyone to experience not breathing during their sleep, including children. Check out our reviews and see what our patients say about their treatments.