“Stress-Free Smiles” Defined by a Dentist in Burbank

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We take pride in offering folks “stress-free smiles.” We’re often asked, “what does that mean?” In short, it means that when it comes to your dental health, you don’t have to worry when you come here. We know that most people don’t like going to the dentist’s office. We don’t take it personally – there are very few places that a grown adult has to go to where they could be put into pain, even if temporarily. That doesn’t really happen at the supermarket. That’s why we do everything we can to make your dental experience easier, gentler and more efficient. When you come to see our dentist in Burbank practice, we make the entire dental experience that much better.

dentist in burbank

Dentist in Burbank, Dentist of Burbank

The professionals who work in our dental practice live in the area, too. So, we aren’t just your dental care providers: we’re your neighbors, too. We go to the same grocery stores and movie theaters. We root for the same sports teams that you do. Over the years, we can’t tell you how many of our patients we’ve seen on a night out at the Burbank Strip.

This is one more way that we can make the process less stressful. When you come to our dental practice, we aren’t just nameless, grey faces working on your teeth. We’re the people you see around town, day after day. Sure, going to the dentist isn’t exactly something that everyone looks forward to on their calendar, but we do what we can to make it a bit easier and less stressful for our patients.

Best Technology, Best Methods

Trust is one of the most important parts of our dental practice. Essentially every action we take is to increase the trust that our patients have in us. There are many different ways to build and then maintain trust. Experience and professionalism are two that have worked for us. We’ve been providing dental services to the greater Burbank area for a long time. In that time, we’ve seen patients brought in as children grow up, start their own families, and then bring their kids into our practice. That experience goes a long way towards establishing trust with patients. After all, if we’ve been doing this as long as we have, we must be doing something right.

Another way that we built trust is through making sure that we offer our customers the very best in technology, too. Like we mentioned, we’ve been at this a long time. The dental technology available today is seemingly light years beyond what was available to us just a few years ago. By continually upgrading both our facilities as well as our techniques, we’re able to offer our patients a higher quality of dental care than ever.

This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Now, so many more procedures are even more pain-free than they were in the past. Additionally, so many cosmetic dental procedures last longer on account of better materials and methods. The bedrock principles of our practice haven’t changed, but the technology through which we apply them sure has. There’s never been a better time to come to our cosmetic dental practice.

Preventative Care for Maximum Impact

Oral health is health. You can’t have a healthy body if you have poor oral health. Unfortunately, many of our patients don’t see us until they have an oral emergency. By the time an emergency occurs, often, signs were missed along the way that could’ve potentially stopped the emergency before it became one. That’s where our preventative care comes in.

When you stop by our facility for a dental cleaning, we can give you so much more than just a cleaning. Sure, you’ll get a top-quality cleaning, from one of our trained professionals using the best tech and methods possible. However, while they’re cleaning, they’ll be able to ascertain exactly what’s going on with your oral care. If something is amiss, or even potentially amiss, they’ll let you know. That way, you can make the best decision for your oral care going forward. These checkups can make all of the difference in the world, potentially saving you exorbitant fees and experiencing pain.

Better Smiles in Burbank

Often, someone will come to our practice and say: “My teeth are healthy. Just tell me what I can do to get a better smile.” We can help with that as well. Whether you’re coming to us for your kids’ dental health, preventative care, a shining Hollywood smile, or anything else, our dental professionals are ready to help. When you’re ready to take the next step in your oral care, schedule a consultation with us by messaging us through our site or calling the ProviDent Dental Group at (818) 960-7600.