Improve Your Smile with A Cosmetic Dentist Burbank CA

improve your smile with a cosmetic dentist in burbank ca

Many patients come to us hoping to transform their smile into something spectacular. They often have darkened teeth which might look unattractive and can be a sign of more serious decay. They may also have loose teeth, or misaligned teeth that make their smile look crooked. We also deal with patients who have lost a considerable number of their teeth, and now need professional help in order to restore their smile. We understand that it is important for adults to have healthy teeth, and this is why you can come to our cosmetic dentist Burbank CA for assistance with all kinds of dental problems.

Covering Stains and Chips

It is extremely common for adults in the US to have some damage to their teeth. This might range from mild discoloration, caused by too much acid in their diet and drinking beverages such as coffee or cola. Often, adults find it hard to remove this discoloration with brushing and flossing alone, and OTC whitening products may also be disappointing in their effects. In order to remove discoloration, you will need the help of a professional dentist, who can provide whitening using the latest technology. You may also decide that you need to have your teeth covered with veneers, because this will hide chipping and cracking in the teeth as well as severe staining. We can provide all of these options to help you regain your perfect smile.

improve your smile with a cosmetic dentist in burbank ca

Restoring Lost Teeth

When you have lost a number of teeth, you may need specialist help to fix the problem. This can come in the form of implants, a form of denture replacement which involves fitting replacement teeth into the existing jawline. This can be very complex, and often involves a lot of work from the dentist, so you need to have perfect dental health before this work can be done. Taking care of your teeth is a big sign that you are prepared to commit to taking care of your implants and will help the dentist when they are ready to start installing the replacement dentures. You should talk to our dental team about your options before you decide that implants are the only way, as this is an extreme option. However, it can give you back teeth which have been lost and restore your smile.

Talk to An Expert Dentist

Whatever type of cosmetic dental work you want, you will need to talk to an expert offering these services to dental clients. You can find all of the treatments you need when you make an appointment with our cosmetic dentist Burbank CA. From a quick treatment like tooth whitening to serious dental surgery including implants, we are able to offer our clients whatever they need to get the smile they have always wanted. You could start your journey to the perfect smile today by booking an online appointment, or ask questions about our dental treatments by calling us on (818) 260-9000 now.