Start them early with professional kids dental care in Burbank CA

kids dental care in burbank ca

Dental care is essential for everyone, and it is especially important for young children. They need to learn how to take care of their teeth properly before their permanent set arrives, and they also need to be happy to receive treatment from a dentist. Start them on the road to dental health by arranging a visit to our specialists in kids dental care in Burbank CA. Our team can take the time to walk your children through every stage of dental health, and you can then follow up at home by making sure that you create a daily tooth care routine for all of the family.




Young and easy is best

Many of our adult patients were put off visiting the dentist by poor parental care and unwelcoming dental practices. We believe that the best way to get them started on the road to life-long dental health is to bring them in as soon as their teeth are visible. This would usually be when they are 1 or so, and it will be easier to get them acquainted with visiting the dentist at such an early age. We also believe that it is important to keep the visit straightforward, so talk to your children but don’t overload them with information or give them details that might make them anxious. By putting thought into that first visit, you will help to make future visits easier on you, your children and the dental team.

kids dental care in burbank ca


Returning to the dentist

The importance of annual visits to the dentist means that you will be bringing your children to visit us annually. We recommend that you practice good dental hygiene between those dates, and also make the process as relaxed as possible. Avoid promising your child treats or rewards for the visit, as this might make them nervous and could lead to them associating the dentist with foods such as sweets or ice-cream. Keep your children calm by playing ‘dentist’ with them beforehand, so they associate it with something fun. You should also be careful to avoid talking about needles or extractions while they are preparing to visit us. Let us offer them treatment advice so that they aren’t already scared when they get into the dentist’s chair.

Visit us in Burbank

When you are ready to take your child to the dentist for the first time, you can give them a great experience by bringing them to ProviDent Dental Group. We are experts in kids dental care in Burbank CA and have plenty of knowledge on how to make the experience a positive event. Once we have seen them a few times, they will be keen to visit us again and talk about their teeth with us. Good care and a close relationship between our staff and your children will encourage your children to come back to the dentist, even when they are old enough to have kids themselves. Start the process today by calling us at 818-260-9000 now.