Regain a perfect smile with our Invisalign specialist in Burbank

invisalign specialist in burbank

In the past, dental patients with crooked teeth were forced to use hideous metal braces that essentially pressed their teeth into position. Sometimes, the patient would have to come back to the dentist so that they could ‘tighten’ the brace, which often involved a lot of discomfort for the patient, and no amount of suffering for the parent who was paying for these treatments, as the bill would be very high. Modern technology has thankfully moved forward from these days, so if you are looking for help with braces, what you should be looking for as an Invisalign specialist in Burbank who can help adults and children correct their smiles.

What is Invisalign?

A modern-day take on the traditional dental brace, these treatments can be used for a wide variety of misalignments and other dental problems which require the manipulation of your teeth. Conditions like gapping between teeth, or crowded teeth causing teeth to jut out from the line can be treated using these kinds of braces and adjusting the teeth for better jaw positioning can also be done using these braces. Perhaps the best reason to use them, however, is that they offer people discretion and secrecy around the changes. If you think that you might be able to benefit from making use of these dental treatments, then try talking to one of our team today about your needs.


Clear, plastic braces

Unlike the traditional metal braces of old, Invisalign is made from a clear plastic which is molded to the shape of your teeth. The plastic fits over the teeth, adjusting them with regular use. The advantage to this type of brace is that they are almost invisible to those that don’t know you, and they can be removed for a few hours daily, so you can choose to remove them for a few hours at work, or perhaps when you are going on a date.  Using these braces will provide you with a clear, modern style of realignment that will not affect your social life, and can also be removed when necessary for cleaning, ensuring that your dental hygiene is not affected by making use of this tool.

Find out more about adult braces

If you have left having braces to your older years, then you need a set of aligners that can help you to feel comfortable with the adjustment without forcing to you sacrifice your social life or your dental health. When you decide that you are ready for braces, you need to talk to the ProviDent dental group, with our Invisalign specialist team in Burbank who can help you to find the perfect set of braces for your requirements. Learn more about these braces, and how they are used by dentists and by patients, by talking to us today, and you could be on your way to realigning your teeth soon. Start by contacting us online, or by calling our dental team at 818-260-9000 now.