Veneer Dentist in Burbank that will Help You Pick Between Veneers and Dental Bonding

veneer dentist in Burbank

Veneers and dental bonding are both beneficial. But which should you pick? Our veneer dentist in Burbank can help you out.

These two methods are common treatments provided by our veneer dentist at ProviDent. Our cosmetic dental treatments will restore the proper functioning of your teeth and help you achieve that gorgeous smile.

What are Veneers and Dental Bonding?

They are cosmetic treatments ideal for patients who need to whiten their teeth but cannot take advantage of tooth whitening treatments. Whitening products can work well for tooth stains. However, if your tooth discoloration is the result of tetracycline or it is intrinsic in nature, any whitening products cannot treat your discolored teeth.

Visiting our veneer dentists in Burbank will help you know which of the dental treatments are ideal for your case.

For intrinsic stains, your best options are dental veneers and dental bonding. They are both used to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and improve your smile. They are not only cosmetic but they are also restorative in nature. They can offer you a impeccable smile as they conceal visible defects on your teeth.

Veneer Dentist in Burbank: What are Veneers for?

The main goal of veneers is to create a perfect smile. They are designed for patients with severe stains, minor rotations and minimal teeth damage.

If your teeth are severely damaged, you may need to get a full coverage crown. Dental crowns are difficult to distinguish from porcelain veneers.

Before opting for dental veneers, our dentist in Burbank will first examine your dental health, especially your gums and bite. Comprehensive dental examination is necessary to make sure that the dental veneers will last long.

Our veneer dentist may recommend this procedure if you have severe stains in your teeth. It is also a better option for cracked or chipped teeth.

Having huge gaps between your teeth can be resolved through porcelain veneers. It is also an ideal treatment for teeth that are overlapping or worn teeth. But, just because you have those signs does not mean that you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Our veneer dentist will make sure that you have healthy gums and teeth. Keep in mind that eliminating a layer of healthy enamel is required before the dental veneers.

If the structure of the affected tooth is not sufficient, our veneer dentist may recommend against it.

It is also not an ideal choice if you grind your teeth at night. Your teeth grinding must first be addressed before dental veneers can be a treatment of choice.

veneer dentist in Burbank

When to Choose Dental Bonding?

It is a general term for dental treatments that involve application of white fillings to teeth. Dental bonding is utilized to repair individual teeth. It is also an ideal option for creating a uniform-looking smile.

Our veneer dentist in Burbank will pick the bonding material that matches the color of the neighboring teeth. In this way, the bonding will not be too obvious.

This cosmetic dental treatment is beneficial if you only need minor fixes or your teeth suffer from minor discoloration. It covers cracks, chips and discoloration.

It is typically used on the front of your teeth. If the damage is small to medium, dental bonding might be the right option. It is also an ideal option if you have exposed roots because of receding gums.

Which Option is Better?

Both dental bonding and veneers are similar cosmetic dental procedures. They aim to enhance your teeth and improve your smile. The better treatment will depend on your dental needs.

During an initial consultation with our veneer dentist, you will need to undergo a thorough examination. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to come up with a tailored plan.

Between the two options, veneers offer longer result. However, dental bonding can still repair your teeth and enhance the overall appearance of your smile.

With dental veneers, you can achieve white and uniform smile immediately. They can cover stains, cracks or poorly shaped teeth more effectively than dental bonding.

Opting for porcelain veneers will make the treated area less prone to staining. They are also stronger so they are less likely to break or chip. But they have a lifetime of 15 years.

For dental bonding, the procedure is faster than a porcelain veneer. Furthermore, it is less expensive than dental veneers.

But dental bonding does not cost less than dental veneers in case of a complete smile makeover. Then again, when the bonding chips or cracks, it is easy to repair. It can also last for 10 years.

Ask Our Veneer Dentist

Dental veneers and bonding are effective in changing the overall appearance of your smile. To help you decide, consult our veneer dentist in Burbank. Schedule an appointment today so you can talk to our cosmetic dentist and ask about which procedure is better for your situation (818) 260-9000.