Emergency Dentist in Burbank to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

emergency dentist in Burbank

An emergency dentist in Burbank can handle any dental emergencies. We believe that a dental emergency, if not treated immediately, can cause permanent damage. It may also lead to costlier treatment if you wait a little longer.

Issues that Emergency Dentist in Burbank face:

1. Knocked Out Tooth

It is a common dental emergency both in adults and children. Knocked out tooth is often caused by an accident or sports injuries.

If your tooth has been knocked out of its socket, you can still save it by putting it back into place. Then, call our emergency dentist’s office in Burbank so we can give you an appointment quickly.

In the case of a dislodged tooth, you need to pick up the fallen tooth carefully without touching the root. Rinse it with water before placing it back to its socket using your fingers. Bite it down to hold it in place. On the other hand, you can place it in milk.

No matter what the cause of your knocked out tooth or dislodged tooth, make sure to see your dentist in an hour. The sooner you can see your dentist, the better chances you have in saving that tooth.

2. Tooth Pain

A toothache can affect your daily activities. It can be difficult for you to eat, sleep or concentrate. It is something that you cannot ignore.

Experiencing a constant or throbbing pain on a single tooth is a sure sign of an extreme dental issues. It could be a cavity, gum disease or tooth decay.

Our emergency dentist in Burbank can give you immediate relief. You can call us anytime to get an appointment as quickly as possible.

The price of our dental emergency services is affordable compared to other dental offices in the vicinity. Our priority is to eliminate the pain and help you recover ASAP.

3. Lost Filling

Dental fillings and crowns will not last long. Although they are strong and made of durable materials, they are prone to break. Your dental fillings could fall out if there is decay underneath.

If you lose a dental filling or a crown, make sure to give us a call so we can set up an appointment as soon as possible. Do not wait for so long before you visit our dentist.

The longer you wait, the more damage your tooth will get. If you cannot see our dentist immediately, put the crown back in place. Use an over the counter cement to keep it in place temporarily until you see our dentist.

emergency dentist in Burbank

4. Chipped Tooth

Save any pieces of your chipped tooth and get an appointment with our dentist as soon as possible. While waiting for your appointment, rinse your mouth with warm water. Any pieces of your chipped or broken tooth must also be rinsed with warm water only.

If there is a pain, apply a cold compress but put it outside the affected area. It reduces swelling and pain. If there is bleeding, place a piece of gauze to the area and bite it down until the bleeding stops.

Even if the bleeding stops, make sure to get an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

5. Damaged Wires or Braces

Metal braces can be difficult to handle. That’s why most of our patients opt for clear braces or a set of retainers.

However, not all patients can take advantage of these alternatives. If you wear metal braces and you experience damage to them, you must contact us right away.

You may try adjusting the wire, brackets or loose band. But never cut the wire as it increases the chances of you stalling the wire.

This dental emergency is a typical event in adults and children. It is usually caused by biting hard objects or eating sticky foods. That’s why you must avoid them altogether while you are wearing conventional braces.

6. Facial Swelling

Inflammation can happen anytime. It is caused by your immune system reacting to an infection or allergies. The inflammation or swelling can arise in the gums or cheeks.

Unfortunately, the infection or inflammation can easily spread to your jaw and other parts of your mouth. That said, it is vital that you seek dental emergency care.

Call us so we can set up an appointment with our emergency dentist right away.

We Can Help

Be it bleeding or pain, you must seek dental emergency treatment immediately. Pain, for example, is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong in your mouth.

Never delay your dental treatment as it only increases the risk of permanent damage. If it can be repaired, it will be lengthy and costlier than when you seek treatment right away.

In some cases, dental emergencies are the result of putting off dental treatment. That’s why we encourage our patients to see our dentist in Burbank regularly to prevent any dental emergencies. Although some of them cannot be prevented, most of them can be averted.

For any dental emergency cases, call our team today and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Burbank at (818) 260-9000.