Get A Dental Check With A Dentist In Burbank CA

get a dental check with a dentist in burbank ca

American dental care is well behind what you would expect from a rich, first-world country such as the United States. While we laugh at other countries for having less than white teeth, the truth is that most people in our own country have sub-standard dental hygiene, and are often missing more than a quarter of their natural teeth. This is a serious situation for the US, and it means that many people who come to a dentist in Burbank CA need a lot of work doing to make their smile attractive. Rather than allow yourself to get in this position, you could benefit from having regular dental checks to keep an eye on the condition of your teeth.

Prevent Dental Damage Today

A lot of the people that we see have come to our clinic after many years of dental neglect. They can often have missing teeth, broken teeth that require extraction, serious cavities, and sometimes other complications such as infections or gingivitis. With these problems, it is extremely difficult for people to have confidence in their smile, and you may have decided that you would rather go to the dentist than run the risk of losing your teeth or doing more damage to the overall appearance of your mouth. The good news is, that once we discover issues with your teeth, we can get to work to fix them very quickly, and you may experience a lot of relief after you have had dental treatment.

get a dental check with a dentist in burbank ca

Getting Help From The Dentist

There is another secret that not many people know about dental care, and that is that we can be the first line of defense in protecting you against more serious damage to your organs. This is because the bacteria which is present in dental plaque is also present in the plaque which blocks arteries in the heart and in the legs. We all know that the congestion of the heart is a bad thing, and this new evidence suggests that there is a close link between oral health and the overall physical health of the body. Dentists can also be there to help you when there are other serious conditions of the body which are affecting your general health. We can often spot issues such as thyroid problems, or signs of diabetes, simply by performing a regular check on your mouth.

The Pathway To A Better Smile

If you want to have the perfect smile, then the first step will always be to have a routine check-up every year with your dentist in Burbank CA. The first time you come to visit us for a check-up, we will examine your smile and point out any areas that we think need to have work done on them in order to make your smile perfect. You can find out more about how dentists can help you to achieve a better smile and improved health by talking to our experts today. Simply contact us online, or call us at (818) 260-9000 now.