Dentist in Burbank Advises on How to Make Cavity Fillings Last

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Some patients of our dentist in Burbank do not realize that cavity fillings do not last a lifetime. It is true that dental fillings are effective in treating tooth decay. However, they are not designed to last forever. But with proper care, they can last for decades.

Cosmetic Dentist in Burbank: Dental Fillings Benefits

Dental decay can easily spread and attack your tooth enamel. It goes to the softer parts of your tooth.

Tooth decay can reach the pulp. If it happens, dental fillings will no longer be effective.

The best solution for it is to extract the tooth or you may undergo a root canal treatment.

For that reason, our dentists in Burbank will recommend filling the cavities before they affect the pulp. Cavity fillings can help in restoring a tooth.

The dentist will remove the decay to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the tooth or neighboring teeth.

After eliminating all of the decay, the dentist will fill the area with a dental material, which reconstructs the tooth. Doing so will repair the tooth and make it function properly. The dental filling will arrest further decay as it wards off bacteria.

What to Expect After a Dental Filling Procedure?

Getting a dental filling can be beneficial to your tooth. After the procedure, it is normal to experience soreness in the affected area. You may also experience tooth sensitivity that can persist for hours or days after the procedure. With that discomfort, it makes it difficult to eat and drink. That’s why it is vital that you chew slowly to avoid pressure on the teeth. When you chew, try not to bite in the treated area.

You should also avoid chewing all the way through to avoid your teeth in making forceful contact. Bite or chew on the opposite part of your mouth from where the treated area is.

Since cold air can trigger pain, it is ideal to keep your mouth closed while you chew. It helps in reducing the amount of air from entering the mouth, thereby, preventing further pain.

It is also best to avoid eating sticky foods. Some dental filling materials can take time to set after leaving the dentist’s office. Thus, it is ideal to avoid eating gummy food. Sticky food can dislodge your new filling. That’s why our dentist in Burbank advises not to eat sticky food while the cavity filling is still new.

You should also avoid drinking or eating hot or cold beverages or food as they can trigger pain in the treated area. As mentioned earlier, the treated area may still be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Apart from extreme temperatures, you must also avoid sugary foods as they can also cause sensitivity. In fact, they can promote the growth of bacteria around the new filling.

Furthermore, it is best to avoid chewing hard food, like nuts and hard candy. Your tooth is still recovering. When you bite hard foods, they can dislodge the new filling that has not set properly yet.

After the cavity filling procedure, our cosmetic dentist in Burbank will give you instructions and recommendations. You must follow them all to prevent any dental issues that may arise after the procedure.

If sensitivity or pain increases over time, you should visit our dental office. Our dentist will explore the possible causes and solutions. However, this is a rare occasion. Most of our patients that had cavity filling procedure in our dental office did not experience further sensitivity or increased pain over time. In fact, the majority of them experience a reduction in pain and sensitivity a day after the procedure.

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Replacing Cavity Fillings

A crack in a filling can cause sensitivity to hot or cold food. If you experience a sharp pain in your teeth when you chew or bite down on food, then you must consider visiting our dentist in Burbank. You should call our office to book an appointment.

During a routine dental examination, our dentist may find a leaky filling. It has to be treated immediately before it gets worse.

Make Your Cavity Filling Last

It is true that dental fillings are not designed to last a lifetime. However, there are ways that you can follow to help them last a long time. The trick here is to follow the procedures that prevent cavities.

In that case, it is vital that you brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. Use fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth. It is also vital that you floss daily.

The food that you eat can affect the overall health of your teeth and the dental filling. Thus, make sure to opt for healthier options, rather than eating sugary or sticky food. Rinsing your mouth with therapeutic mouth rinse can also help in reducing oral bacteria.

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