The Hero You Need – An Emergency Dentist in Burbank

emergency dentist in burbank

No one ever expects an accident or injury to happen, but when something does, you need to know that you can get the medical care you need. For many physical issues, you know you can always count on going to your doctor or, at the very least, your nearest hospital emergency room, so you can get the care you need. But what happens when something occurs involving your teeth? Suppose you have an accident at home in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or a weekend when your regular dentist may be unavailable? What are you going to do? You cannot stay in pain or with issues with broken or damaged teeth for days on end. Thankfully, if you are in the Burbank area, there is a hero available for you at any time when you contact us at the ProviDent Dental Group and use our emergency dentist in Burbank.

A Dentist to Help with Trauma

All kinds of incidents can occur that can cause trauma with your teeth. A tooth that cracks or breaks, or an accident that knocks teeth out, can require immediate attention no matter what time of day or night it is. Going to the emergency room may not help you much, even if they have a dentist on call that they can get for you. Seeing a dentist that can provide you with emergency care and services can get you into a dental office as quickly as possible for treatment. You may find that, under the right circumstances, you can save a damaged or broken tooth, or get a treatment that can get you by until you can come in during regular hours for proper care.

emergency dentist in burbank

Emergency Help When You Need it

An emergency dentist in Burbank is just that – someone that is there for you beyond the regular business hours of a typical dentist. You can get a response from us and get help right away when you need it most. It does not matter if your emergency happens at 3 AM on a Wednesday, on a Sunday morning after church, or at midnight on Thanksgiving Day – we can have someone there to assist you when you or a family member needs care to calm nerves, pain, and stress.

Know What Dentist to Call

It is essential to know the phone number of an emergency dentist in Burbank should the need ever arise where you need dental help outside of regular hours. Keep our number at ProviDent Dental Group handy so that you know where you can turn if treatment is required immediately. You can call our office at (818) 960-7600 at any time, and you will get a response from us, letting you know what steps you should take and what we can do to assist you. You can also call us during regular business hours should you ever need an appointment or advice regarding what to do with your teeth, and we can provide you with answers that will give you peace of mind knowing someone is there to help you.